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The Wisconsin Education Business Roundtable (WEBR) joined the University of Wisconsin System, and Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. as a co-host of the 2010 and 2012 Wisconsin Economic Summit Series and will join again as a co-host of the 2015 Wisconsin Economic Summit Series.

The Wisconsin Economic Summits are designed to focus business and civic attention on specific opportunities to enhance Wisconsin’s economic performance identified by Competitive Wisconsin, Inc.’s (CWI) BE BOLD research partnerships. The 2010 Summits, for example, were driven by a CWI-Deloitte comparative analysis of Wisconsin’s competitive position and dedicated to the development of a comprehensive economic development strategy for the state. The Summits were convened in Appleton, La Crosse and Milwaukee. The 2012 Summits were driven by a CWI-Manpower Group study of workforce development and focused on ways to enhance workforce and talent development. The Summits were held in Waukesha, Eau Claire and Madison. The 2016 Summits will be driven by a CWI-Deloitte analysis of how to turbo-charge already high-performing sectors of the economy.